La Boussole

An instrument composed of 3 spinning disks, using language to navigate the universe of Pentalogies. A compass which changes direction in response to words.

The First Disk

Define an emotion

The first element of the device, Disk 1 offers 5 emotions which function as the origin of your exploration, the intention leading to the creation.. A symbol is associated with each emotion. To open the door and enter the world of a Study, Pentalogies invites you to select an emotion on this disk.


The Second Disk

Create a sensory gateway

The central element of the Compass, Disk 2 evokes sensory perceptions: a texture, a taste, a sound, an image. These perceptions represent olfactory facets expressed as Roman numerals. The association of an emotion from Disk 1 and a perception from Disk 2 creates a code composed of a symbol and a numeral. Disk 3 will allow us to decipher the code.


The Third Disk 

Discover a Study

The final passage in the discovery of a Study, Disk 3 lists all the combinations. To unlock the door of a perfume, find the code inside one of the five “houses” and let your imagination explore a sense.