L’Odorat – Etude 1.5

The Nose: Organ of Memory


The Nose: organ of memory

Armored creature outside time,

safeguarding history under its glistening black hide.

Guardian of memory’s sanctuary.

The present penetrates its thick armor

and crosses the gateway toward eternity.

Time stops and suspends the present moment in an olfactory photograph.

From color to black and white, from nuance to rough outline,

the builder of memory gathers scattered emotion,

captures and sculpts it in legendary marble, unchanging.

Emotion slumbers now, ready to be awakened, intact,

by the flutter of an inhalation.

In the Smell playlist: Ultre Struggle and Nothing 


Ink-Black Coffee

Study 1.5 marries the reassuring aura of the morning’s coffee grounds with the indelible imprint of a roll of film. Towering Olympian, cold and immobile, its grandeur dwells in its incorruptible righteousness.


Top Notes: Angelica seed, cyclamen, lavender, thyme

Middle Notes: Coffee, black ink accord, amber, amyris

Base Notes: Papyrus, vetiver, leather, oppoponax, myrrh, labdanum.