L’Ouïe – Etude 1.2

The Ear: Organ of the Deep


The Ear: Organ of the Deep

Sound like water glides

on pearlescent walls.

Trapped, it sneaks in and penetrates every crevice.

Silence, like empty space, must be satisfied.

The filters work, one after another,

assembling the nascent notes, an impatient and deranged counterpoint.

The spiral organizes, resolves, balances, softens the spray, arranging the melody

over and over until finally reaching the perfect chord.

A tonal harmony which spreads

over the alter of the soul.

In the Hearing playlist  : Avishaï Cohen – Staav


Pearlescent Wood

Study 1.2 reveals an immeasurable chill trickling on pearlescent wood. A quest for harmony and precision and a purity born from the salty and opaline ripples. Its consistent rhythm and elegant delicacy envelope and reassure.


Top Notes: Salt water accord, rosewood, black pepper

Middle Notes: Amyris, sandalwood,  cedar, coconut, clove

Base Notes: Tonka bean, musk