La Vue – Etude 1.1

Eau de Parfum –100 ml 

The Eye: Organ of the Cosmos

Etude 1.1 is engraved in a monochrome universe, a universe without contour. The accord is intense, pale, and mysterious, like a veil of stars. Suspended, it imposes its slow rhythm; we learn how to experience its different parts in order to comprehend its sillage. We love its aldehydic purity which vanishes on a cedared star. An enigmatic aura.


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Top Notes: Cosmic white light accord, cypress, elemi, pepper, juniper berry, cardamom, aldehydes, nutmeg

Middle notes: cold rose, white and metallic, carrot seed, powdered mineral iris

Base Notes: cedar, sandalwood, bible pages accord, ambrette seed, heliotrope, violet, costus, white musk