Le Toucher – Etude 1.3

The Skin: Organ of desire


The Skin: Organ of desire

Bodies undulate, skins tangle, shudder,

seek heat and entwine,

grapple, driven to wound.

The climax triggers a shedding which reveals nudity,

the nakedness of touch,

where the snake transforms into the centaur.

Skins, heated and glowing, resonate, intersect, fuse,

become one, blossoming,

surrendering to ecstasy

and their most exquisite instincts.

In the Touch playlist : Hey- Pixies


Solar Leather

Study 1.3 is venom, searing and electrifying, It’s flesh against flesh, a tactile and narcotic bolt of lightning. Penetrating and sensual, This solar heat invites touch and reveals the animality of desire.


Top Notes: Bergamot, rosewood, rosemary, cumin, geranium

Middle Notes: Jasmine, orange blossom, ylang ylang

Base Notes: Gaiac wood, benzoin, sandalwood, clove, styrax, leather, musk