La Vue – Etude 1.1

The Eye: Organ of the Cosmos


The Eye: Organ of the Cosmos


In a galaxy of the soul,

reason’s messenger floats silently.

Cyborg explorer crisscrossing space,

impassive, methodical, evolving alone.

On the vessel’s smooth and milky surface,

its interior unfurls,

unrolling like an endless folding staircase.

In the center, a mechanical pupil dilates peacefully,

revealing a pure and unknown star.

There is no time; there is no space.

There is only the uncontrollable desire

to fall into this black hole

and penetrate its mystery.

In the Sight playlist  : Laura Marling – Soothing


Celestial Pepper

Study 1.1 is engraved in a monochrome

universe, a universe without contour. The accord is intense, pale and

mysterious, like a veil of stars. Suspended, it imposes its slow rhythm;

we learn how to experience its different parts

in order to comprehend its sillage. We love its aldehydic purity which

vanishes on a cedared star. An enigmatic aura.


Top Notes: Cypress, elemi, pepper, juniper berry, cardamom, aldehydes, nutmeg

Middle notes: Rose, carrot seed, iris

Base Notes: cedar, ambrette seed, heliotrope, violet, costus, white musk